Who we are

Rowan and Wych, exists to create art through thoughtful woodworking and leathercrafting. Coupling the creativity of our clients with skillful craftsmanship, our custom pieces are truly one of a kind. We hold ourselves to two great standards: ingenuity and excellence. We hope that our custom pieces remain a mainstay in your home, office or pocket, provoking conversation and forging memories for years to come.


The city 

Tampa is an inspiring city, one that our family has called home for four generations. Our rich, unique history provides the backdrop for so much of what we value today. The impact of the recent revival of our craftsman culture, on the design and style of R&W cannot be overstated. This recharged interest in handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces has granted us the great privilege and opportunity of contributing to this city. We hope to add our mark to this tapestry and promote diversity, quality, and identity within our city. We are inspired for the people of Tampa and by the people of Tampa.


The Name

Rowan and Wych: the combination of who we are and where we came from. Our four-generation Floridian family traces its heritage all the way back to our ancestors from Ireland. Both the Rowan tree and the Wych Elm are timber species native to Ireland, having been used for centuries in the production of furniture, boats, tools and other goods. It’s this legacy of craftsmanship, deep in our roots, that inspires the work we do. Infused in every product we make are the rich traditions of the past and our unique Florida perspective – something that is sure to inspire for generations to come.